• What Do I do When I need to Check My Child Out of School?

    • Bring a note from home!   Parents, if you are checking your child out early, please send a note to school.  Have your child bring the note to the OFFICE.  This will expedite dismissal when you arrive.
    • A photo ID is required to pick up your child.  Please do not be offended when we ask.  It is for your child's protection. 
    (The person picking up your child must be on the child's information card as an approved adult.)
    • Written Notice is required when a change in the way your child goes home is needed.  By writing a note, we have verification that you, the parent, are approving the change.  (We may call you to double check, if needed.)  Please do not call the school to change your child's mode of transportation, since we can not verify you as the caller.  Notes may be written or faxed.
    • Allow for extra time when picking up your child.  If your child did not bring in a note stating he/she has an early dismissal, allow 5-10 minutes of extra time.  We will find your child as quickly as possible.  Also, be mindful of Cedar Bluff Elementary dismissal times (1:00 and 2:45 p.m.).
    • Please do not call to have us retrieve your child while you are en route to the school.  Remember to send a note in the morning.
    • Buses are crowded.  Knox County policy states that students who are not on the bus route are not permitted to ride.  Therefore, for sleepovers, parties, etc., students and parents need to make other arrangements.  Buses will not transport guests.