• Welcome to Cedar Bluff Middle School

    If you are new to Cedar Bluff Middle School, we welcome you and want to make your start at Cedar Bluff as easy as possible. Listed below are some forms that you will need to fill out for registration.  If you like, you may download these files for your use, or, if you prefer, you may fill out the forms at school when you come to register.

    New to Knox County Schools

    First time students in Knox County must present:

    • An officially acceptable evidence of date of birth at the time of registration
    • Evidence of a current medical examination. There shall be a complete medical examination of every student entering school for the first time. This applies to kindergarten, first grade and other students for whom there is no health record.
    • Evidence of state-required immunizations
    • One proof of residency in school zone but we do not accept  cable bills.

    The name used on the records of a student entering school must be the same as that shown on the birth document unless evidence is presented that such name has been legally changed through a court as prescribed by law.

    A student may transfer into the school system at any time during the year if his parent(s) or legal guardian moves his residence into the school system.

    Additional Links to help you as you register your child at Cedar Bluff Middle School:

    Find a Bus Route

    School Attendance Policy

    School Hours
    The school day at CBMS begins at 8:30 and goes until 3:30.  Students arriving early meet in the gym until 8:00 a.m.  If your child arrives AFTER 8:30, he/she needs to go to the office to get an admittance slip.  In the afternoon, students will not be able to check out after 3:10.  Parents may send a note to the office before school and then the child will be allowed to leave after 3:10.  With the end of day activities, calling a student to check out after 3:10 is difficult.

    Students need a signed agenda or phone pass to use the telephone in the office.  Calls made need to be for illness or last minute school schedule changes. Classes will not be interrupted to deliver items.

    Students are not allowed to bring skateboards to school. 
    This decision has been made due to a lack of storage space at school.  We regret this inconvenience, however, we do have bike racks for your bikes.

    Knox County Middle Schools Grading Procedures: 2015-2016

    Core Courses: Grades will now be cumulative spanning an entire semester. The final semester (alpha) grade will be based upon the cumulative class numerical average according to the KCS grading scale. The second semester grade will be determined by calculating the final cumulative class average (numerical) along with the numerical TCAP grade provided by the state factored in at 15% of the final average. This calculation will be completed by the electronic grade book once a teacher places the TCAP grade in the correct location (more detailed information concerning this will be coming out from the SIS Department).

    The one overall yearly grade for core courses will be determined by calculating the average of the first and second semester grades.

    Interim Reports will be issued every 4 1/2 weeks during a semester which will provide parents of their child’s class average at that point in time. 

    Related Arts Courses: The grades will be cumulative for the length of time a student is enrolled in the course, normally nine weeks. The final grade for a Related Arts course will be sent home at the nearest corresponding Interim Report issuing date.


    Phone Use Guidelines

    All students who want to use the office phone must carry a phone pass provided by a teacher. 

    We want to limit the number of student calls in the office to Emergency phone calls.  Emergency phone calls are defined as:  "illness" or "Going Home" changes due to previously unannounced events or schedule changes.

      The following are NOT emergencies:
    •      Forgotten lunches or lunch money.
    •      Forgotten homework.
    •      Forgotten permission slips.
    •      Informing parents of previously announced events or schedule changes.
    Under NO circumstances may students use the office phone to make last minute arrangements to go home with a classmate.  This requires written parental permission approved in the office before school.