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    Twelve Year Old Boy Discovers Rare Din12 year old discovers fossil osaur Skeleton

    Link to a print article from BBC News.  



    Mary Anning's 1st Ichthyosaur Mary Anning:  the Unsung Hero of Fossil Discovery 





    Twelve year old Calgary boy discovers 69 million year old fossil

    News broadcast about 12-year-old boy's discovery of a 69-million year old fossil




    Girl's Amazing Dinosaur Discovery

     News broadcast about 4-year old girl's discovery of a fossilized dinosaur footprint on a beach in Wales.




    Online Field Trips:

    National History Museum London

    Information and links about dinosaurs from the National History Museum, London, England.  Includes facts, videos, a dino directory, activities and more.  




    American Museum of Natural History The Titanosaur

    Information and video about how the museum created their model of the Titanosaur from 3-d scan of the bones--seriously cool guys.  This model stretches into three different rooms of the museum!