• Transcript Requests


    At Fulton, we use an online transcript request process to send transcripts for your student. The system that we use is called SCOIR. In order to have your transcript sent anywhere, you will have to log into your SCOIR account at www.scoir.com.  For any schools you are applying to and need a transcript sent, please do the following:

    • Log into SCOIR
    • Click on My Colleges
    • Under the Applying column, click on Add a College
    • Put in the name of the school you are applying to
    • Once you have completed your application, move this school by clicking and dragging it over to the Applied column
    • Once this is done you will have access to “My College Checklist” which will show what documents need to be sent: transcript, letter of recommendations, etc.  Each “My College Checklist” is specific to that particular school.

    Instructions are available through this link and on the Class of 2021 Canvas page.
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    If you need a transcript sent to TCAT or another technical school please email Ms. Christi or Mr. Alan at one of the following emails:

      1. ckirk@knoxed.org
      2. aflores@knoxed.org

    ALUMNI: CLASS OF 2003 – 2019:

    Call the main office at (865) 594-1240 and ask for the registrar (or press 2 on the menu), or e-mail a request to: kimberly.pratt@knoxschools.org

    ALUMNI: CLASS OF 1952 – 2002:

    Request through Knox County Records