• Fulton School Wide ACT

    Fulton School Wide ACT 

    March 1st, 2022

    On Tuesday, March 1st, all students at Fulton High School will

    participate in our ACT day.  Each grade level has a role to play...

    9th Grade - All 9th grade students will participate in a practice ACT.  This practice ACT is set up to mimic the ACT.  Once completed, students will learn their scores and what that means for them.

    10th grade - All 10th grade students will participate in the Pre-ACT.  The Pre-ACT gives students an opportunity to practice but more importantly, it helps students identify their academic strengths and weaknesses.  This data is then used to help students make a plan for the ACT.

    11th grade - In addition to being a graduation requirement in Tennessee, the ACT is used for admission to college across the United States.  The ACT is the gatekeeper for College Admission and can provide opportunities for scholarships.

    12th grade - Seniors who have completed their ACT requirements will do one of three things on 3/1/22.

    1.  Community Service

    2.  College Visit

    3.  Academic Bootcamp

    Be sure to get plenty of sleep and be at Fulton by 8:25.

    Eat Breakfast.