• Please make sure you have also completed the Spring 2023 AP Exam OrderingSimply paying for your exam does not register you.  


    Typically, Advanced Placement Exams range from $94-142 per exam.  However, Fulton High School has secured funds to assist covering these payments for our students and is able to reduce the cost to $50 per exam.  **Your student must take the exam on exam day in order to receive the 5 points added to their grade at the semester’s end.



    First semester and full-year course exams must be ordered by Friday November 11,  2022.  


    Payment does not need to be made until April, although payments are certainly welcome at any time.  The $50 per exam fee must be made to Fulton by Friday, April 28 2023.  You may pay online at: https://knoxschools.schoolcashonline.com/ 


    Please fill out the following information to register your student for the exams they would like to take.  Should you have any questions, please reach out to Fulton’s AP Testing Coordinator, Donna Brunson via email at donna.brunson@knoxschools.org

  • AP Test Registration (Fill this out 1st)