What’s GPA got to do with it?


    Average GPA for UT’s class of 2017:  3.8 (weighted GPA)


    What colleges are looking for (ranked by importance):

    1.     GPA/Class Rank

    2.      ACT/SAT Score

    3.      Extracurricular activities



    Show me the MONEY!!!


    Required GPA for the HOPE Scholarship (or ACT score of 21):  3.0


    Project Grad Scholarship requires a minimum GPA of:  2.5



    Top 10 ways to increase my GPA


    10.  Good attendance

    9.  Be to class on time

    8.  Focus on teacher/subject while in class

    7.  Study / Homework

    6.  Complete all assignments

    5.  Turn in all assignments

    4.  Have all materials for each class

    3.  Ask questions when I don’t understand

    2.  Get involved in extracurricular activities

    1.  Have a positive attitude



    How to calculate GPA


    A=4 pts     B=3 pts            C= 2 pts    D= 1 pt            F= 0 pts



     Subject                       # Grade                      Letter Grade              GPA Points


    1.__ACT Prep__________92_____________________B_________________3___________






    4.__W. History__________83____________________C__________________2___________


    5.__P. Science_________74_____________________D___________________1___________





                                                                                                  Total Points:___11_______

                                                                                   Divide by # of classes:___6_______




    Subject                        # Grade                      Letter Grade              GPA Points















                Total Points:___________

                                                                                     Divide by # of classes:___________



    With your student, calculate their GPA with each 3 week progress report.  Notice on the above example that this student is within 1-3 points in each class from the next letter grade.  If this student moved these grades 1-3 points their GPA would be 2.83.