• Importance of creating a MyACT Account:

    • Faster Viewing of Scores
      • If you have a MyACT account that is set up or connected to your State ACT Student Code, you will receive a notification when your score is released from ACT.  If you do not set up a MyACT account, you will NOT receive your scores in the mail. 
    • Send your scores to 4 Colleges for Free
      • The State ACT allows you to send your scores to 4 colleges for free.  You do this through your MyACT Account.
    • Use the Account in the Future for National ACT Exam Registration
      • Saves time in the future.
      • Use this account for registering for a National ACT Exam and all you have to do is recheck your information and sign up for the Saturday Exam. 
    • ACT will create a SUPERSCORE for colleges. This is very important for scholarships and admittance. 


    Who is this for?

    • All Students who are taking the In School State ACT (Juniors or Seniors) are expected to complete the MyACT Account with the Student Code for the State ACT Provided to you.
    • The instructions will cover:
      • Students who have a previous online account and need to update it to MyACT
      • Students who have ACT scores but do not have a MyACT account
      • Students who have forgotten their User ID and/or Password for MyACT
      • Students who have NEVER taken the ACT before and need to create a MyACT account
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  •  How to Create a MyACT Account for State Testing

    Start Here: Watch the 5 minute video on how to create your MyACT Account. This is VERY helpful. Watching the video will save you some stress. 

    If you already have a MyACT Account, the video instructs you on how to link it to your ACT Student Code. 

    Click Below to watch the Video

    MyACT How to Use Your Student Code for State & District Testing (Links to an external site.) 

    Here also is a link to the MyACT User Guide for Students for your reference.

    Items Needed to Complete MyACT

    • Non-Test Instructions for Students
      • This form has instructions and a Unique Student Code Assigned to you by ACT.
      • Tip: Take a Picture of the upper right-hand corner with your unique student code or write it down. This way you will have your student code if you misplace your paper. 
      • How do I get my code?
        • Your specific form will be passed out during FLEX for In-Person Students before the In School State ACT.
    • Taking the ACT Booklet
    • Access to your grades in ASPEN
      • Student Account Users
        • Click on the My Info Tab
        • Click on the Transcript side tab. To view prior year's grades, change the filter at the top from Current Year to All Records.
    • Bearden High School ACT Code: 431-090

    You are now ready to create or migrate your MyACT Account. 

    • Don't forget to find this on your MyACT account and connect the State ACT test to your Account. Look for this on your screen.   

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