• ICC 

    Interclub Council 

    Interclub Council was established in 1986 as a branch of the Student Government to provide an equal voice for the clubs and activities at Bearden High school. 

    Interclub Council (ICC) hosted a club fair on September 9th as an opportunity for all Bearden students to investigate clubs. Here is a virtual board with more information about clubs.Click here for more information about clubs


    The club Fair will occur on August 24 & 25th in the West Mall. It normally occurs 3 weeks after school begins. 

    Each club at Bearden has a sponsor, club charter, and approval of the administration with an adopt-a-spot. They send student leaders to Interclub council meetings.  

    Interclub council, also known as ICC, has monthly meetings for clubs the first Friday of the month at 8 am in room 326 to share their proceedings and collaborate with other clubs. Each club may send one or two representatives.   



  • Having an approved charter allows Bearden Clubs:

    • To Participate in Homecoming Queen Nominations
    • Post Approved Fliers at School
    • Have School Support
    • Have a School Website
    • Opportunities to collaborate with other school clubs
    • Host events and club meetings at school
    • To come together to support our community in times of crisis


    If you are interested in chartering a new club you must:

    • have administrative and club concil approval
    • a completed club charter
    • a club sponsor(s)
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  • Student Leaders:

    Rachel Johnson  - Interclub Council President

    Abbigail Pickard  - Jr. President 

    School Coordinators- people you may find at the monthly meetings: 

    Angelia Ford- Contact - Angelia.Ford@Knoxschools.org

    Mary Cate LeBouef