Statewide Junior ACT Information

Statewide Junior ACT Information

What: Statewide Junior ACT on TestNav (Online)

When: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Where: BHS 8:30 am to approximately 12:30 pm

Why: ACT is a graduation requirement.

Cost: Free 

Register: All 11th grade BHS students will be automatically registered for the Statewide Junior ACT. Juniors will create a MyACT Account for the State ACT. 

How to Create a MyACT Account for State Testing: Once ACT has released the platform for use, Juniors will receive instructions on how to create/connect a MyACT account to the code provided by the State of Tennessee during FLEX (Advisory), Class of 2025 Canvas Page, and Parent Square. Link to MyACT Creation/Migration Instructions .

 What to bring: 

  • Fully Charged KCS Issued Chromebook
  • Chromebook Charger
  • 2 pencils
  • A photo id
  • An acceptable calculator. Know whether your calculator is permitted? Check ACT Calculator Link or call 1-800-496-4681 for the most up to date recording. 
  • The Digital Testing Platform will have a Desmos Calculator embedded. If you are not comfortable with this type of calculator, please bring a handheld one. 

Tips for having a successful test:

  • Leave your phone in your car, locker or at home (your test will get nullified if it goes off in the testing room)
  • Go to bed early, Get plenty of rest
  • Eat breakfast that morning preferably with protein. Don’t go crazy on caffeine and sugar. 
  • Bring a watch but not a fancy one like apple watch or one that makes noise that could nullify your test too. 
  • Pack your bag Don’t forget your ACT essentials the night before the test: photo ID, pencils, calculator, snacks, and a watch!
  • Don’t forget batteries for your calculator. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes


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