Documents Needed for Enrollment


stop    First, check here to be sure you live in the Bearden High School Zone!                     




  • Proof of Residence

Provide a current utility bill (KUB, LCUB, W.Knox Utility) OR a lease or property deed in legal guardian’s name. If this is not possible, do the following:

The person with whom you are living must write and sign a letter which gives their legal address and the names of all who live there. Their signature must be notarized. Bring the letter, along with a utility bill or renter’s/owner’s lease in the name of the person who wrote and signed the letter.

  • Immunization Records

Provide the Tennessee Child Health Record (Form PH-4103), signed by a health professional. This form (or a photocopy) must be obtained directly from the county health department or your healthcare provider.

  • Recent Physical Examination

Within 30 days of enrollment, you must provide proof of a physical exam that was done with the last twelve months

  • Proof of Birth

Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • Birth Certificate – issued by any government
  • Passport – issued by any nation (translated)
  • Immigration Documentation
  • Decree of adoption or other records issued by a court


  • Proof of Custody/Guardianship

If the student lives with anyone other than both natural parents listed on the birth certificate, a copy of final legal documents (divorce decree, parenting plan, court document) which indicate who has primary residential custody of the student must be provided.



  • Withdrawal from the last school

Withdrawal papers should include an unofficial transcript, attendance records and discipline records. If a student is enrolling during the summer months, provide a copy of the last report card and their planned schedule. NOTE: Official copies of all records will be requested by Bearden once the student is enrolled.


  • Course Selection Sheet –  10th – 12th located here         9th located here - Please help your student complete this form prior to meeting with a counselor. It must be signed by the parent/guardian. Please help your student complete this form prior to meeting with a counselor. It must be signed by the parent/guardian.


  • Social Security Card 

**Any Special Ed or State Custody student coming from another Knox County School must provide Proof of Residence and Proof of Custody to be enrolled and scheduled. Remaining enrollment documents must be submitted to the Guidance Office within two weeks of date of enrollment.


All Special Ed or State Custody students coming from outside of Knox County Schools must provide all documents to enter.