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    Work-based Learning (WBL) is a proactive approach to bridging the gap between high school and high-demand, high-skill careers in Tennessee. Students build on classroom-based instruction to develop employability skills that prepare them for success in postsecondary education and future careers. Through experiences like internships, apprenticeships, and paid work experience, Seniors and Juniors (16 years or older) may earn high school credit for capstone WBL experiences.


    • Students may earn 1 credit per semester.
    • Students may choose to participate in one or two semesters.
    • Students will be dismissed at 2:00 p.m. daily. 
    • Students are required to work 7.5 hours a week in a paid or non-paid work experience.
    • Students will be required to attend 4 class seminars throughout the semester and will be required to submit weekly reflections on Canvas.
    • Students will create a final project which will be an Online Portfolio of their work experience.
    • Students are required to attend the first 5-10 days of class. During the beginning of school, you will be given additional paperwork that is required from your employer. Once it is submitted and signed off on by the district Work Based Learning Coordinator, you will be free to begin your work experience.
    • Ms. Shipley is also required to visit your worksite twice in the semester.


     WBL Requirements



    Please read the information below carefully:

    1. Download both forms in the bottom right of the web site.(You may type directly on the forms)
    2. Please type in the required information then, print the form.
    3. If you have any questions about your Elective Focus, (you may have a couple of Focus areas) See Ms. Mullinax, Class of 2023;  or Mr. Tanner, Class of 2022.
    4. Once you have signed the form along with your parents or guardians, turn in the the Application to Ms. Shipley (Room 313) by Friday, February 26th for consideration.
    5. You will give the Elective Focus/Teacher Recommendation form directly to the teacher. You will ask them to place the form back in my box by Friday, February 26th.
    6. I will turn all of the remaining information in to the Couselors to sign off on your attendance and verify your Elective Focus. I will also get the Principal's signature for you who will also verify your discipline record.
    7. VERY IMPORTANT... There will be two Informational Team meetings, which you and your parents can attend. You only need to attend one; however, they are optional! The meetings will be held at 5:30 on February 23rd & 25th!  Please fill out this form so that we can sign you up for the Teams meeting.   Sign up here to attend Teams Meeting or click on the link below the day of the Teams Meeting!

    Here is the Link to the meeting if you forget to sign up: If you cannot log in, email Ms. Shipley at amy.shipley@knoxschools.org and she will immediately send you a meetings link!

    Teams Meeting, 5:30 Feb 25th 



  • For more information, contact:

    Ms. Shipley, Room 313, BHS WBL Coordinator, amy.shipley@knoxschools.org
    Mr. Tanner, 2022 Counselor
    Ms. Mullinax, 2023 Counselor