• Audiovisual Works

    During the course of Fifth Grade Counseling Classes, also known as Guidance Classes, I may show four different audiovisual works.  They are listed below with a brief description of each:

    The Power of One is a DVD containing three short dramatic stories on bullying.  If I show this video I usually show two of the stories to illustrate the dynamics of the bully problem and promote positive problem solving. 

    Think Before You Click is a DVD on online safety.  I show two short sections during a lesson on cyber bullying.

    Making the Most of Middle School and Cliques are two DVDs I show during a unit on preparing for Middle School.  


    In addition I may show one of three DVD's while teaching a lesson(s) on child physical abuse.

    What Tadoo: Child Abuse Prevention (Kindergarten-Grade 2)

    What Tadoo: Child Abuse Prevention (Grades 2-4)

    When Should You Tell: Dealing with Abuse (Grades 3-5)

    If you have questions about the school counseling program in general, please read the other sections of this website.  These films meet Knox County Schools' guidelines and have been approved by the building level administrators.  

    If you have concerns about these audiovisual works and/or do not want your child to view them please contact me at 539-7850 or dougal.mckinley@knoxschools.org.