Kindergarten Information

  • Kindergarten Caregivers

    My role as the school counselor is to teach social and emotional wellness and help your child transition smoothly into kindergarten.  All the staff at our school have the same goal of ensuring that your child feels loved, safe, and learns!  We understand that sending your tiny human out into the world can be scary for both the child and the parent.  We wanted to share some information to help you prepare for the kindergarten school year because there are a few ways to help make the transition go smoothly.    

    Help them know what to expect:

    Make sure your student knows that you are excited for them to come to school to learn.  Children often feed off of the emotions of others and if you feel frightened, they will as well.  To help soothe the anxiety of the unknown, I've created a visual schedule HERE for kindergarten to help students to know what to expect from each day at school.  You can find the Knox County School Calendar for 2022-23 HERE to help plan out your year and help your child know what to expect throughout the year.   

    Attendance Matters: 

    Good attendance starts early!  Did you know that students who miss more than 2 days of school per month are less likely to read on grade level and less likely to graduate high school?  If you are letting your child sleep in over the summer, it might be wise to help them start getting up early a few weeks before school actually begins.  Our school doors open at 7:10 a.m. and students are walked to their classes at 7:35; tardies begin promptly at 7:45 a.m.  

    Academic Expectations: 

    If you are wondering what your child will be expected to learn in the kindergarten school year, you can access the welcome packet and report card information HERE. We suggest reading regularly with your child and playing outside of the presence of screens for at least 20 minutes a day.