Second Harvest
  • Second Harvest Food for Kids

    Did you know? West Hills Elementary participates in Second Harvest Food Bank’s Food for Kids Program. As described on the Second Harvest website, “The Food for Kids program is designed to provide healthy, easily-prepared food to the children in our community who would otherwise be missing meals.” Second Harvest delivers food items to our school as needed. Each Friday, a team of volunteers meet at school to pack two single serve items from each of the four food groups to send home with the identified students. Other children in the household who do not attend West Hills or participate in the program through another school are also sent food. This program does not, however, cover holidays or school breaks. We depend on outside donations (food/money) to provide bags for these times. How can you help? Get involved by donating your time, money or single serve food items.
    If you have questions, please feel free to contact Ashley Wilmot at