Mission Statement

    The mission of the Sequoyah Elementary School Counseling Program is to produce individuals who lead, care, and connect with their communities. By aligning with the national and state school counseling standards, we can promote strategies for success for all participants. Collaboration will be of utmost importance as alliances form to aid in school and student achievement. The school counseling program will use data to gather information on the needs of students and how to best support their individuals needs. Sequoyah Elementary will demonstrate effective nurturing in the whole child to best reinforce student welfare.

    Vision Statement

    The vision of the Sequoyah Elementary School Counseling Program is to motivate the individuals inside of the school towards personal growth and group achievement. Students will apply the social skills they have demonstrated in individual counseling, small groups, and whole group settings to real world scenarios. Students will become instruments of change to correct situations of injustice, and to lead others toward positive adjustments in the community. Finally, participants will maintain positive self-worth that will aid them in academic, career, and social pursuits. 

    The Sequoyah Elementary School Counselor Believes...

    • Each and every student has strengths that illuminate his or her own greatness.
    • Each student adapts to his or her own pathway to learning which contributes to academic success.
    • Sequoyah Elementary School produces the next generation which is equipped with the tools they need to foster appropriate change.
    • I believe that all students have the right to learn in their best environment with the required materials. 
    • Students have the right to challenge themselves to further their growth in all areas of development. 

    As a professional school counselor, I pledge myself to furthering student achievement in all school counseling domains (social-emotional learning, academics, and career planning). I will follow the ethical guidelines provided by the American Counseling Association and the American School Counselor Association to demonstrate professionalism in my work. I must meet students where they are emotionally and academically. I will choose to perform my duties with enthusiasm and encouragement. I will demonstrate school counseling standards provided by the nation and the state to model to those in the school and the community.