• School counselors can provide resources, ideas, feedback, specific solutions, and general assistance to help students and families. Please feel free to email Mrs. Womack at reagan.womack@knoxschools.org anytime you feel her help may be needed or even if you are unsure of where to go with a question or an issue.
    Mrs. Womack's position is part-time: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please keep this in mind, as it may take her two full work days to return communication. 
    Referrals may be made by a teacher, parent, administrator, any school staff, or the student themself. 
    For student referrals, a student may...
    1. Write a note and leave it in the golden envelope, which is on the School Counseling bullitin board right outside the library door.
    2. Tell their teacher that they would like to talk with Mrs. Womack.  The teacher will then relay the information.
    3. Tell their parent that they would like to talk with Mrs. Womack. This is best relayed through an email.