• Kid's Place at Sequoyah, Inc.
    Located in Sequoyah Elementary School (our office is inside the school cafeteria)

    P.O. Box 11601
    Knoxvillle, TN 37939
    Phone: (865) 594-1118
    Mobile: (865) 659-59191
    Executive Director: Dana Gamby
    Assistant Director: Lauren Brooks
    Parent Reminder
    In the event that Knox County Schools are closed due to illness, weather, or any other unforeseen circumstances, Kid's Place will be closed.
    About Us
    Kid's Place is a Sequoyah School parent-run, non-profit organization. The Kid's Place mission is to enrich the lives of young people, while supporting families and school staff of Sequoyah Elementary.
    Kid's Place strives to:
    • Support children, families and Sequoyah School by providing a safe, positive, respectful, inclusive and fun environment.
    • Create an environment that encourages friendships and fosters rewarding socialization with peers and counselors.
    • Offer age-appropriate programs including: leisure time, extended academic opportunities, sports and recreation.
    • Build children's self-esteem through positive reinforcement and respectful interactions.

    If you are interested in serving on the KP Board or one of our committees please call or email the KP office.

    “Prescribed and non-prescribed, internal and external medication should not be administered to a child by center counselors except under the direction of a physician or with the parent’s written authorization. Medications or drugs must be in the original container, labeled with the child’s name and specific instructions, from the doctor, for administering them. Administration of medications and noticeable side effects must be charted and reported to parents. Medications must not be handled by children.”