• Go Golden Framework 

    Go Golden is a framework for positive climate and behavior support. It encompasses the entire school and its entire population – students, staff, parents, and community. Go Golden creates a safe and welcoming space, place, and purpose for meaningful relationships, school connectedness, and social/emotional intelligence growth. This is accomplished through educating and coaching staff, students, and parents in many areas including bullying awareness and response training, how to recognize and deal with conflict, character development, and healthy decision-making. 

    By weaving themes, areas of focus, common language, activities, and programming, Go Golden helps unite and bring consistencies to how students interact with one another. It strives to strengthen the adult-child relationship. Go Golden prepares students for helathty relationships into adulthood, and teaches the skills needed to respond to and resolve bullying and conflict. Education and community development takes place through yearly themes and kick-off events, weekly class meetings, school-wide language, community outreach, and many more exciting activities. Go Golden supports and connects to the academia teachings and mission of Sequoyah Elementary. Under a Go Golden framework, children come alongisde staff to take ownership of creating a loving school environment in which they learn and thrive. 

    The theme of Go Golden for the 2020-2021 school year is Kindness is Golden. Make sure to ask your student about the Go Golden Book of the Month and about classroom community circles!