• Ritta Elementary School
    4th Grade Supply List

    5 different colored spiral notebooks*

    1 pack of wide-rule notebook paper

    3 packs of 24 #2 pencils

    2 packs of Crayola crayons*

    2 red ink pens

    2 highlighters

    5 Expo dry erase markers*

    3 boxes of Kleenex*

    Glue sticks – 5 or more (no liquid glue)*

    1 pair of Fiskar scissors

    1 ½ in or bigger 3 ring binder with pockets

    Pencil box

    Big pink eraser

    1 large bottle of hand sanitizer

    Inexpensive ear buds (to leave at school)




    1 pack of sandwich or gallon-size Ziploc bags


    Clorox wipes

    Pencil top erasers



    White copy paper


    We look forward to working with you in 4th Grade!


    Tax Free weekend will be the last weekend of July. It is a good idea to stock up on items that might need to be replaced mid year (crayons, erasers, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers, etc.) It is also a good idea to buy extra to leave at home for assignments.