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KCS Library Media Mission and Beliefs


LMS Vision


KCS Librarians/Media Specialists Beliefs 


We believe the Library Media Specialist will:
  • Promote a love of reading.
  • Create a safe and inviting environment for all learners. Cultivate a spirit of inquiry.
  • Collect a rich variety of resources to support the needs of each learner.
  • Provide equitable information access to all learners.
  • Teach learners:
    • To access information efficiently for a variety of purposes.
    • To evaluate and discern among information sources.
    • To use information critically, effectively, and ethically.
  • Collaborate with students and teachers to decide the best methods for creating and sharing information.
  • Integrate services with the school’s mission and goals.
  • Model lifelong learning by engaging in relevant and sustained professional development.



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Library Media Specialist

Sammy Owens
email samantha.owens@knoxschools.org