•  Ritta Elementary School
    5th Grade Supply List


    Required Individual Student Supplies

    1 2.5-3 Inch Zippered Binder

    1 Fabric Pencil Pouch with Holes

    1 Pair Scissors

    5 2-Pocket Folders with Holes (No Brads; 1 of each color – Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple)

    6 70-page Spiral Notebooks ( 2-Red/ 1-Green /1-Yellow/ 1-Blue/ 1-Purple )

    1 24-pk Colored Pencils

    1 Multi color pack of highlighters

    1 Pair Small Inexpensive Ear Buds


    Required Classroom Supplies

    1 Package Red Pens

    2 Packages Pencil Top Erasers

    4 Packages of Notebook Paper (Wide Ruled)

    3 Packages of #2 Pencils

    2 Packages of Dry Erase Markers

    8 Glue Sticks

    3 Boxes of Tissues


    Teacher Desired But Not Required

    Bottle Hand Sanitizer


    Baby Wipes (No Aloe)

    Quart and Gallon Zip-Loc Bags


    We look forward to working with you in 5th grade!!


    Tax Free weekend will be the last weekend of July. It is a good idea to stock up on items that might need to be replaced mid year (crayons, erasers, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers, etc.) It is also a good idea to buy extra to leave at home for assignments.