• Beaumont Magnet Academy has three parts to its magnet theme: museum, fine arts and honors.
    Museum Program: 
    Beaumont is proud to be Knoxville's first and only museum school.  Zoo Knoxville, Beardsley Farm, Blount Mansion, Beck Cultural Exhange Center, the East Tennessee Historical Society, McClung Museum, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Knoxville Museum of Art, Fort Loudon State Park and The Muse have partnered with Beaumont to create a unique learning experience for all students at BMA.
    One time per nine weeks, each grade level embarks on a Beaumont Learning Expedition traveling to one of the ten area museums.  Museum coordinators and Beaumont staff teach tailor-made lessons integrating the Knox County english and language arts, science and social studies curriculums.  Three times per year, each grade level gets a visit from the museum at school to give students a Museum Experience that extends their learning with the expertise from the museum educators.  Prior to the expeditions and experiences, students prepare by acquiring background knowledge to enhance their experience.  After the expeditions, students continue their studies in the classroom and create authentic, project-based works of art to showcase at one of three annual Exhibit Nights held at Beaumont Magnet Academy.
    Fine Arts Program:
    All students at BMA participate in the Fine Arts Program focusing on enriching curriculum through instrumental music, theatre, visual art, physical education and dance education.  Several exciting after school enrichment opportunities involving the arts are also available.  Additionally, students integrate art into their core content classes and create beautiful artwork incorporating their grade level ELA, math, science and social studies standards.
    Honors Program: 
    Beaumont Magnet Academy is the only elementary school in Knox County featuring an Honors Program for kindergarten through fifth grade.  Students fulfilling academic requirements are placed in honors classes for all core subject areas where teachers personalize learning to meet the academic needs of high-achieving students.  Lessons focus on problem solving and problem based learning in a student-friendly learning environment.
    Requirements for the Honors Program include a nationally recognized achievement test score at the 90th percentile or higher in reading and math.  If a test score is not current or unavailable upon application completion, an assessment will be administered at BMA.  Contact will be made by a Magnet School representative to schedule testing. 
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