• Q. What is a Magnet School?

    A. Magnet Schools can be defined as schools which provide unique learning opportunities in a specific area or theme not offered at other Knox County Schools.

    Q. What is the Beaumont Magnet theme?
    Honors, Fine Arts and Museum

    Q. Do I have to pay to send my child to a School of Choice?
    A. No. Magnet Schools are part of the Knox County School System, there is no tuition cost to the student.

    Q. What commitment do parents have to make for their children to attend a Magnet School?
    A. There is overwhelming evidence that parental involvement has a direct connection to a student’s success. Upon acceptance, parents are asked to make a commitment to their children's academics, attendance and behavior.

    Q. Is transportation provided?
    A. Designated bus stops are located throughout Knox County. Parents are responsible for transporting students to and from those stops in the morning and afternoon. For more information on bus stops, contact the transportation department at 594-1550.

    Q. Who may apply?

    A. All out-of-zone students interested in any of the unique programming at a Magnet School may apply during the Application and Transfer Period, which is open October through February every year.  In-zone students automatically receive a seat in the Magnet School in which they are zoned.  

    Q. Where can I get an application for a Magnet School? 
    A. Applications are available in the office at all Knox County Magnet Schools, the Magnet Schools website, and the downtown office during the Transfer Period. At your request, an application may be mailed to your home. For more information, contact the Magnet Office at (865) 594-1731.

    Q. How do I apply?
    A. The application for transfer must be completed during the Transfer Period, opening in October every year. Information must be postmarked by the deadline for students to be eligible.

    Q. What happens after I apply?

    A. A BMA staff member will contact you to offer testing for an honors program placement.  Students interested in the honor's program must meet academic eligibility requirements to enter the lottery for an honors placement.  Students not considering the honors program do not need to complete any testing.  All students, regardless of academic placement, participate in BMA's museum and arts programming. 

    At the end of the application window, all applications are processed in the Magnet Office. Seats will be determined by a randomized computer drawing in the Transfer Office. Parents will be notified when seats have been assigned via mail in early April.   

    Q. Is transportation provided?
    A. The county provides some magnet transportation.  Please click here for more information.