• We are so happy that you are here as Bearden Bulldogs.  Mr. Tanner will be working with the Class of 2022 this year!  To set up an appointment with Mr. Tanner, click here.  


    This year, we will be going into Sophomore  Classes to talk about transcripts and four year plans(Fall and Spring) and scheduling for their junior year (February/March 2020). 


    Please feel free to reach out to us with your concerns, questions, and other information you think we need to know at brian.tanner@knoxschools.org.

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  • GPA - What does this mean?

    Explanation of Credits and Importance of GPA

    Credits required for graduation: 28 credits - Each class is equal to 1 credit with the exception of a few courses worth a .5 credit

    Fall: Four classes= 4 credits, Spring: Four classes = 4 credits

    (4+4 = 8), 8 X 4 high school years =32 credits -28= 4 (only allowed to fail 4 classes during your ENTIRE high school experience and graduate on time.)


    What is a GPA? How do I calculate my GPA?

    GPA is the average of all of your grades.  You add up all of your grades and divide it by the total of number of classes.  Each grade you receive is worth a set number of points:


    CP Points                                   Honors  Points                         AP Points*

    A=4 points                                           A=4.5                                       A=5                             

    B= 3 points                                          B=3.5                                       B=4

    C= 2 points                                          C=2.5                                       C=3

    D=1 point                                            D=1.5                                       D=2

    F=0 points                                           F=0                                          F=0


    GPA is calculated by adding your total number of points and dividing by the number of classes you have taken: __/8

     * Students will only earn the extra points in their GPA if they sit for the AP exam. 


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  • Tutoring information

    Khan Academy is a great resource for online tutoring for students.  Khan Academy covers a variety of topics including test preparation and college planning.  To learn more about Khan Academy, please visit their website.

    Bearden faculty also offer tutoring before school or after school.  We are in the process of gathering this information from our teachers.  As soon as it is available, we will publish it to the BHS website under For Families - Tutoring Opportunities.

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  • Canvas Information

    Our teachers use Canvas for announcments as well as assignments.  If you are interested in joining your student's canvas page as an observer, you will need to create an observer account. Please follow the instructions to create an account by clicking on this section's heading.

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  • When can we talk about my schedule for my sophomore year?

    We will begin talking to you about your 10th grade schedule in February of 2019.  We will meet with students in large groups to go over graduation requirements and courses available at BHS. Your teachers submit recommendations to us each semester for your core class levels (AP, Honors, CP) which is how you are placed into your core classes. If you disagree with your teacher recommendation, you will need to submit an academic release signed by you,  your parents, and your teacher. Once the form is submitted, it will be reviewed by the counselor and the grade level administrator to made a decision on if you will move up, down, or stay at your current level. 

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  • Focus Plan of Study

    Not sure what classes you need to graduate?  We can help!  Each year students take 8 classes towards graduation. Students will take 4 English courses, 4 math courses (and each year the student is in school), 3.5 History courses, 2 World Language Courses, 3 Sciences courses, 1 Fine Art, 1.5 Pe/Lifetime Wellness Classes, 3 courses towards an elective focus, and 6 other Electives.

    Still confused?  Take a look at this cheat sheet to help you plan out your next three years: What do I take when?

    Wait, what is an elective focus?  An elective focus is three classes in the same area.  For example, taking band three times is an elective focus in Fine Arts.  Taking Film Studies, Psychology and Sociology, and Creative Writing is an elective Focus in Humanities.  Taking three AP courses is an AP elective focus. 

    Need more help about graduation requirements and four year plans?  Take a look at this quick video for more information. Look at the courses available for sophomore, junior, and senior year to get a better idea of what you want to take to develop your four year plan.

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