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    Interfaith Health Clinic                                                     Phone: 865-546-7330

    315 Gill Avenue, 37917

    Website: www.interfaithhealthclinic.org


    This program provides primary health care services, including an eye clinic, dental clinic, counseling services, and social services. Patients are seen by appointment only. IHC is designed primarily for low income, working, uninsured families. These’s a sliding fee scale based on family income. Office Hours: Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 8 PM


    Knox County Health Department                                               Phone: 865-215-5000 (main)

    140 Dameron Avenue, 37917-6413

    Website: www.knoxcounty.org/health


                Satellite Clinic Services:

    The following services are offered at the Teague and West clinic locations:

    EPSDT physicals (well check-ups) for children on TennCare.

    • Preventive health Services provided are lice and scabies screenings, blood pressure checks, and newborn screening tests as needed. These services are free of charge on a walk-in basis.
    • Women’s health and family planning services
    • Immunizations


    Teague Clinic

    405 Dante School Road, 37918


    West Clinic

    1028 Old Cedar Bluff Road, 37923





    Air Quality Management                                           Phone: 865-215-5914

    Deals with issues ambient air quality health alerts, issues industrial air contaminant permits, issues open burning permits, and conducts complaint and compliance inspections for emissions to the ambient or outside air; and perform ambient air monitoring for criteria pollutants.


    Centers of Excellence                                                 Phone: 865-215-5080

    The Centers of Excellence (COE_ HIV specialty clinic requires a referral form the patient’s primary care physician for an appointment.


    Communicable Disease Clinic                                    Phone: 865-215-5370

    CDC handles TB risk assessment, testing and treatment, Free and confidential STD testing and treatment, and Free and confidential HIV testing and treatment referral.



    Community Health                                                    Phone: 865-865-215-5170

    Community Health provides health promotion and education programs throughout Knox County, including:


    • Diabetes Prevention
    • Healthy Weight
    • Tobacco Cessation
    • TennCare Kids Medical Screening
    • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
    • Minority Health
    • Violence Prevention
    • Senior Fall Prevention



    Dental Services:                                                          Phone: 865-215-5110

    Qualifications for clinical services:

    • Knox County TennCare Dental Insurance recipients (up to age 21) may call to schedule appointments.
    • All others (adults and children) must be qualified through the Social Services Department (215-5400). Proof of Income Required.


    Emergency Preparedness:                                         Phone: 865-215-5093

    Emergency Preparedness works to establish and ensure Public Health preparedness and effective response capability to infectious disease outbreaks, bioterrorism, public health threats and other emergencies.


    Environmental Preparedness:                                     Phone: 865-215-5200

    • Groundwater Protection
    • Subsurface Sewage disposal System (SSDS) Permits and Certificate to Completion (septic tanks)
    • Vector Control
    • Restaurant inspections
    • Food Handlers Training, English and Spanish (Halubridad en Restaurantes En Español)


    Epidemiology:                                                                         Phone: 865-215-5093

    The Epidemiology Program provides valid and reliable data pertaining to the health status of the Knox County population; investigates infectious disease outbreaks and all notifiable diseases; and systematically collects, analyzes, interprets and disseminated data on chronic diseases.


    Cherokee Health Pediatric Clinic:                                              Phone: 865-215-5437

    Provides these services for TennCare assigned children only:

    • Well-child care
    • Immunizations
    • Care for acute and chronic illnesses



    Travel/Immunization Clinic:                                                 Phone: 865-215-5071

    Provides adult and childhood vaccines: Vaccines are free for Knox County children up to age 19. Recommended adults vaccinations such as flu, Hepatitis A and B, and tetanus-diphtheria have a fee. Travel Immunizations: For persons traveling outside of the united States. By appointment, Fee is required.


    Social Services                                                                        Phone: 865-215-5400

    Determines eligibility for Indigent services for Knox County residents, Adult tooth extraction for Knox County residents and Temporary Medicaid coverage for pregnant women.


    Vital Records:                                                                         Phone: 865-215-5100

    Birth and death certificates for persons born in Tennessee; the cost is $15 per copy.


    WIC Clinic:                                                                  Phone: 865-215-5030

    The WIC program provides nutrition education, breastfeeding support and supplemental foods to eligible:


    • Pregnant Women
    • Breastfeeding women up to 1 year postpartum
    • Non-breastfeeding women up to 6 months postpartum
    • Infants
    • Children up to age 5


     Women’s Health Clinic:                                              Phone: 865-215-5320

    • GYN Wellness Care (Annual Exams) • Family planning • Pregnancy testing

                Cost of services based on income. Proof of income required at visit, by appointment.


    Volunteer Women’s Medical Clinic                                            Phone: 865-522-5173

    Tyson Medical Complex                                                                               800-435-1106

    313 Concord Street, 37919                                                             Fax:     865-522-9907

    Website: www.volunteermedical.com


    VWMC offers a variety of women’s health care services, including full gynecological exams, family planning/contraceptives, and testing/treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Saturday appointments are available. Fee may apply for some services. Office Hours: Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 5:30PM and Saturday from 8 AM – 1 PM