STEM Lab--- Forensics Lab

Posted by JESSICA EVERITT on 3/3/2019 2:00:00 PM

This past rotation has been a fun one.  Grades K-2 have been working away in the "forensics lab". 

      Kindergarten was given the task of sorting evidence found at a "crime scene".  After some class discussion students were given the task of sorting man-made objects from natural.  They then had to bag the evidence while being sure not to contaminate it.  We had great discussions and an interesting time. 

     First grade students took on the task as forensic scientists of sorting plant evidence into the correct bags after a lab mix-up.  The scientists had to take and us all of the information on the evidence bags to successfully complete the evidence collection.  Students also made a call to the officials to come collect the evidence after the investigation was completed.  They were very diligent and careful as well to not contaminate the evidence.  

     Second grade worked on solving five cases as table groups in our forensics lab.  They had to use their knowledge of animal classification and characteristics to find the correct animal suspects given the evidence left behind.  Students had great conversations regarding animal adaptations and their purposes.  

Martin's Class      Martin's Class     

Swaggerty's Class  .  Swaggerty's Class

Looking forward to another wonderful rotation of learning this upcoming week!