Taste of 3rd Grade STEM

Posted by JESSICA EVERITT on 10/29/2018


     I am working to report more about the STEM happenings around the school in addition to inside the STEM room.  Many of our teachers are doing amazing activities that engage the students in their science learning.  One such teacher is Ms. Wall in third grade.  She works hard to make science meaningful and purposeful for the students.  Below is her write-up of her most recent STEM project.


"This is our STEM activity we did after studying how and why some animal species work and live together in groups verses those who survive alone. We read about ant and termite colonies just before this task. Some worked alone and some worked in groups. They had to construct a straight line of 20 popsicle sticks with no curves or breaks within 1 minute. It's much more difficult than it looks, and we had interesting results. We found that human third graders work better alone for a quick task like this. They discussed how some animals, like sharks and snakes, leave their mothers immediately after birth, but it takes humans 18 to become, what society says, is adult. They said they are still learning to work together, and they all want to be the "alpha male" of their groups right now, so that's why the groups weren't as successful as the individuals. It was not what we predicted, and it was an interesting discussion afterward!!"  -Ms. Wall