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Frequently asked questions about the HOPE Scholarship Program

Academic requirement: 21 ACT or 1060 SAT or 3.0 final GPA

HOPE semester amounts based on full time enrollment:

2 year college: $1500

4 year college freshmen/sophomores: $1750

4 year college juniors/seniors: $2250


Q: Can I receive the HOPE Scholarship at an out of state college?

A: No. The HOPE Scholarship must be used at a postsecondary institution in Tennessee. For a list of eligilbe institutions visit


Q: How is my high school GPA for the HOPE Scholarship caluculated?

A: HOPE GPA's are calcuated per the Uniform Grading Policy adopted by the TN State Board of Education. For further details please ask your high school counselor.


Q: May I take a gap year after high school and remain eligible for HOPE?

A: Yes. However, students must enroll at a regionally accredited college within 16 months of high school graduation.

Q: Is the FAFSA the only way to apply for the HOPE Scholarship?

A: Yes, and it must be submitted every year the student enrolls in college.


Q: If I lose HOPE in college due to grades, can I regain it?
A: Yes, students may regain the award one time at a future 24 credit hour benchmark if lost due to grades. Please contact your fiancial aid office to discuss one time repeat and regain options.


Q: If I decide to take a semester off, how will my award be impacted?

A: Unless a leave of absence has been approved by your financial aid office, you will permanently lose your HOPE scholarship.


Q: How will my HOPE eligibility be affected if I decide to drop a course or two?

A: Speak to your financial Aid office before dropping any classes as this could cause permanent loss of HOPE and other aid.