South-Doyle High School
    Parent Engagement 
    South-Doyle High School believes that significant learning is more likely to occur when there is an effective partnership between the school and the student’s parents.  Such a partnership means: 
    A mutual belief in and commitment to significant educational goals for a student
    A plan for the means to accomplish those goals
    Cooperation on developing and implementing solutions to problems that may be encountered
    Continuing communication regarding the progress in accomplishing the goals
    Five Self-Evident Truths as stated by Woodrow Wilson:As Americans, we are owners of the public school system.As owners, we bear a responsibility to participate in the system.Accountability for our public school, their safety, and its employees and its funding rests with us and the rest of the system's owners.Our children's future depends on the improvement of the public schools.And this improvement depends on our participation. Shaking Hands
    We invite you to take part in your student's education. Take the Pledge.
    The PledgeAs a parent or guardian of a South-Doyle High School student, I recognize the importance of the school/parent partnership. Thus, I pledge to do the following:I pledge to give my student at least 15 minutes a night to help them with school (reading with them, helping them with homework, ensuring they are doing homework, helping them plan for life after high school, etc.)I pledge to give SDHS at least 5 hours each semester to attend school/parent partnership activities (parent meetings, volunteering, open houses, PTSA meetings, etc.)
    Parent Data Nights:
    A huge part of increasing our achievements here at South-Doyle High is communicating our successes and needs to our parents.  I would like to meet with as many parents as possible.  If you have attended one of the previous sessions please communicate to your friends who have students here that we need their presence as well.  All data meetings will start at 6 PM in the auditorium.