• Early Dismissal
    Student dismissals from school before the end of the day should be avoided. However, when leaving early is necessary a parent note is required.
    1. It will be required that a parent/guardian come into the main office to check out any student. In case of emergencies, other adults who may be sent by parents to check a student out of school must be included in the student’s emergency information.
    2. Students who need to be dismissed from school early (and are driving themselves) must bring a note signed by a parent, stating the reason for leaving. The note should include telephone numbers for a parent for verification by the office. Notes for early dismissal must be brought to the main office between 8:10 and 8:30 a.m. and will not be accepted after that time. The failure of a student to bring this note by 8:30 places an unnecessary hardship on the staff to verify the note in a timely manner and places the request in jeopardy. In such cases, a parent has the choice of coming in to sign the student out or having the student remain at school. Leaving school without approval and proper office sign-out will result in disciplinary action.
    3. Students being claimed on parents tax forms and considered dependents cannot check themselves out. Eighteen-year olds are therefore advised to bring an early dismissal note as outlined above to avoid delays in the check-out process.
    4. Early dismissals will be allowed only during class changes to minimize class interruptions.       10:00 – 10:10              11:40 – 11:50          1:50 – 2:00
    5. A student waiting to be checked out must remain in class until the parent/guardian arrives and the student is called to the office.
    6. Forged communication will result in disciplinary action.
    7. When bad weather poses the possibility of hazardous road conditions, parents are advised not to call the school to ask for students to be dismissed from school early to drive home.