• How to Register for Classes in Aspen

    Top Ten Tips for Online Registration
    1. Review the instructional video on the SDHS Counseling website for
    specific help about the process.

    2. Review the CTE Pathways on the SDHS Counseling website to determine which Elective courses you must take in order to complete your Elective focus.
    3. Follow the process detailed in the General Directions for selecting a class other than the ones recommended by your teachers.
    4. The links included in the General Directions are key to a successful registration experience. Use them!
    5. If you do not know your Active Directory password, please ask your teacher to reset it, or go by the Help Desk.
    6. Review course selections with your parents or guardians. It is important for them to be aware of your choices during this process. We will publish a copy of your requests to the Family Portal once they are approved by your counselor.
    7. If you have questions about a particular course, please consult the South Doyle High School Course Description link included in the directions in ASPEN for registration.
    8. If ASPEN will not let you post your course selections, do not panic. Counselors will still be able to see your choices.
    9. If you change your mind about the courses you selected before March 9th, 2018, you may log back into ASPEN and adjust your choices. Once the registration window closes, you will have to go through a counselor in order to make changes.
    10. If you need help, talk to your fourth block teacher or your Counselor. We want this to be an easy transition, so don't struggle alone! Remember, if you don't complete registration, counselors will select your classes for you. This is your best shot at getting the classes you want.
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