• Daily Bell Schedule

    1st Block: 8:30-9:52

    2nd Block: 9:59-11:21

    3rd Block: 11:29-1:26

       Lunch A: 11:29-11:57

       Lunch B: 12:15-12:40

       Lunch C: 12:58-1:26

    Roll Back/Homeroom: 1:33-2:01

    4th Block: 2:08-3:30


    Early Release Wednesday Bell Schedule

    1st Block: 8:30-9:35

    2nd Block: 9:42-10:47

    3rd Block: 10:54-12:19

       Lunch A: 10:54-11:19

       Lunch B: 11:24-11:49

       Lunch C: 11:54-12:19

    4th Block: 12:26-1:30

    ***On Early Wednesday weeks,  there will be no HOMEROOM during the week. Third block rollback will occur on Thursday, and fourth block rollback will occur on Friday.