• choice Hello Students! 

    Ms. Bock, Mrs. Brown, Coach Brentz, Coach Potter, Coach Draper, Mrs. Coffey and Ms. Rumpp all miss you during this time. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy while you are away from school.

    To help keep you active and give you something to do, we've created a CHOICE BOARD. This is NOT required, just something fun to do!

    Complete one box per day in any order you'd like. Color the box when you're done so you know you finished it. When you're done, get an adult that lives with you to sign the bottom. When we get back to school, show it to one of us for a prize!

    You can download the choice board by clicking the picture. 

    We miss all of you and you and your families are in our thoughts always!

    Spread your wings and do great things!