Mrs. Ashley Booher

    Principal, Elementary School


    Experience with The Knox County Schools:
    2022-present - Principal, Cedar Bluff Elementary
    2019-2022 - Assistant Principal, Cedar Bluff Elementary
    2017-2019 - Assistant Principal, Corryton Elementary and New Hopewell Elementary 
    2015-2017 - Assistant Principal, Gibbs Elementary 
    2013-2015 - TAP Master Teacher,  Ritta Elementary 
    2011-2013 - TAP Mentor Teacher & 5th Grade Teacher,  Ritta Elementary 
    2008-2011 - 5th Grade Teacher, Ritta Elementary 
    2007-2008 - 4th Grade Teacher, Ritta Elementary 

    Educational Background: 
    Fellow of the Governor's Academy for School Leaders 
    Master of Arts degree in Instructional Leadership from Tennessee Tech University.
    Bachelor of Science degree in Multi-disciplinary Studies - Human Learning from Tennessee Tech University 
    Associate of Science degree in Multi-disciplinary Studies from Pellissippi State Technical Community College