• School House   At Cedar Bluff Elementary, our school day begins promptly at 7:45 am with morning announcements.  Any student who arrives after morning announcements have begun must report to the office with his or her parent to get a late slip.
    The back of the school is reserved for bus and day care drop off.  Due to the high volume of vehicle traffic, it is not safe for your child to be dropped off and enter the school through the back doors. 
    All parents who choose to drive their children to school should drop off in the front circle. When approaching the car door openers, please make sure your child has their backpack on and you have said your goodbyes for the day. This will help the line move swiftly.  We know the car rider line can look intimidating, but it does move quickly. 
    School is dismissed at 2:45 pm.  In order for all of our students to load their buses, cars, and daycare vans, we begin loading for dismissal at 2:30 pm.   The office will not accept any early dismissals after 2:15 pm.  If your child has an appointment, please be sure to have them picked up before 2:15pm.
    Please remember - a photo I.D. is ALWAYS required when picking up a student. 
    snowflake Emergency and Inclement Weather Dismissals
    An emergency or early dismissal event is determined by Knox County Schools.  In this event, regular dismissal procedures will remain in place.  Buses will run and car riders and walkers will follow normal dismissal procedures.  However, some day care providers do not provide transportation on these days.  Please check with your day care provider to see if they offer transportation on early dismissal days.   The on-site after school care provider (YMCA) follows KCS dismissal policies and will not be open on these days.
    If you arrive early to check out your child, please expect the following:
    1.  Have your photo I.D. ready as well as your name placard.  You must have BOTH.
    2.  Enter the front entrance on the right hand side. 
    3.  Only those on the "permission to pick up" list for your child will be allowed to check out your child. 
    4.  Once your I.D. has been verified, your child will be called from their classroom for dismissal. 
    *Please note - if you pick up your child before 11:15am, he or she will be counted absent for that day.

    At the beginning of the year, you provided Emergency Dismissal information for your child.  Please contact your child's teacher if you need to update or make any changes to that information. It is also essential to have up-to-date phone numbers on file at school in the case of an early dismissal or emergency.
     happy face Please remember that our school staff is working very hard to ensure that over 1,200 students get home safely.  Please be patient as we do our best to expedite your child's dismissal.