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  • As you may recall, at the beginning of the year, a letter was sent letting you know how your child could login to our online Music curriculum, QuaverMusic. This site offers many educational and creative music games and activities for your child to. There are two ways to access QuaverMusic.

    (Easy way - not as many things to do, however)

    1. Go to QuaverMusic.com

    2. Click the "Student Interactives" tab at the top right.

    3. Enter the code, "VJXFN"


    (A little harder, but more activities to do)

    1. Go to QuaverMusic.com

    2. Click the "Login" tab at the top right.

    3. Enter your child's login information

    Username - the letter s followed by your child's local identifier number (you can find this in parent portal)

    Password - you child's first and last initial, followed by the last four numbers of thier identifier, then the letters kcs.

    So, for example - username - s1234567. password AB4567kcs

    4. Choose the FLASH version of the site. 

    5. If you get a message saying your account has expired and you need a new code, the code is  "VJXFN"


    If you are new to our school and do not have an account, you can set one up using the code above. 


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