• ICC 

    Interclub Council 

    Interclub Council was established 1986 as a branch of Student Government to provide an equal voice for the clubs and activities at Bearden High school. 

    Interclub Council (ICC) hosted a club fair on September 9th as an opportunity for all Bearden students to investigate clubs Here is a virtual board with more information about clubs .Click here for more information about clubs


    Club Fair occured September 8 & 9 in the West Mall. It normally occurs 3 weeks after school begins. 

    Each club at Bearden has a sponsor, club charter, and approval of the administration and the student leaders in Interclub council. 

    Interclub council, also known as ICC, has monthly meetings for clubs the first Friday of the month at 8 am in room 326 to share their proceedings and collaborate with other clubs. Each club may send one or two representatives.   



  • Having an approved charter allows Bearden Clubs:

    • To Participate in Homecoming Queen Nominations
    • Post Approved Fliers at School
    • Have School Support
    • Have a School Website
    • Opportunities to collaborate with other school clubs
    • Host events and club meetings at school
    • To come together to support our community in times of crisis


    If you are interested in chartering a new club you must:

    • have administrative and club concil approval
    • a completed club charter
    • a club sponsor(s)
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  • Student Leaders:

    Rachel Johnson  - Interclub Council President

                         - Jr. President 

    School Coordinators- people you may find at the monthly meetings: 

    Angelia Ford- Contact - Angelia.Ford@Knoxschools.org

    Mary Cate LeBouef 

    Meshon Crateau - School adminstrator for Clubs