• Navy JROTC

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    • Chief Randy Dickson:  randy.dickson@knoxschools.rog
    • Colonel Andre Harrel:  andre.harrell@knoxschools.org
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    NJROTC's Vision is to create confident young people who are prepared to make successful life decisions with the understanding that quitting is not an option and anything less than your personal best is not acceptable.


    • Promotes Patriotism (Selfless service)
    • Develops informed and responsible citizens (current events, how we got here)
    • Develops respect for constructed authority (Accountability and discipline)
    • Develops leadership potential (provide opportunities)
    • Promotes high school completion (DEMAND IT)
    • Promotes higher education (scholarships, GI Bill, trade schools)
    • Promotes community service (Volunteer efforts, school, community, and others)
    • Develops a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline and leadership (setting the example)
    • Promotes an understanding of the basic elements and need for national security
    • Provides information on the military services as a possible career
    • Promotes healthy and drug free lifestyles


    To instill a sense of



    and PASSION