Bearden FCCLA

  • Bearden FCCLA exists to support family allowing students to travel, compete, and serve.  

    FCCLA is a co- curricular club meaning that members do in-class and out-of-class activities! In-class activities include Power of one and Leadership activities! Out-of-class activities serve Bearden and the surrounding community focusing on supporting families. 

    Members regularly host Bearden’s retired teachers -the BRAT’s-for a Thanksgiving meal.  As members of Bearden’s InterClub Council they participate in school-wide events such as homecoming, Fall Festival, and 2nd Harvest.

    Members will compete at Carson Newman in District Competition and Chattanooga at State FCCLA competition.  Students competed in events called Advocacy, Community Service, illustrated talk, Teaching Portfolio, and interpersonal communications.

    Members participate in TVA&I fair in September and travel to the fair as a group.  FCCLA actively support East Tennessee Children's Hospital and Restore for Habitat for Humanity. 



  • Sponsors: 
    Angelia Ford (angelia.ford@knoxschools.org)- room 326
    President - Ella Eakins
    Vice President - Maddi Nicaud
    Jordan Brownlee