The mission of the School Counseling Program is to support the development and well being of all students.  In an effort to enable all students to achieve success in school and to develop into contributing members of our society, I focus on the content areas of:  academic, personal/social, and career development.
    Cedar Bluff Elementary students are high-achieving learners who graduate with skills and knowledge that equip them to be career and college ready. All students participate in a challenging curriculum with high-quality academic opportunities for self-directed personal growth supported by a comprehensive school counseling program that facilitates strategic partnerships between the school, family and community. As successful, life-long learners and productive citizens, each of our students achieves excellence, making a positive difference in our schools and community.


    • We believe all students can achieve and have the ability to learn.
    • We believe in the importance of emotional well-being and social learning to build well-rounded, happy, and successful students. 
    • We believe student developmental needs are best met by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program.
    • We believe in each child's individual gifts and talents and strive to support them to discover and grow these skills to be college and career ready.
    • We believe that education is a team effort and benefits from the entire school staff, parents, and the community working together towards a common goal. 
    • We believe school counselors must be leaders, advocates and collaborators who create equal access to challenging curriculum and opportunities for self-directed personal growth for every student.
    • We believe that student achievement is maximized by participation in a comprehensive school counseling program that is planned, managed, delivered and evaluated by licensed professional school counselors.
    • We believe in using school and student data to inform the ethical planning, managing, delivery and evaluation of the school counseling program.