•  Making a Referral
    Caregiver Referral 
    School counselors have lots of resources and ideas to help students be successful in school.  We are always happy to talk to parents!   
    Please use the parent referral link to send a counseling referral.
    Please call the school at 539-7721 to schedule a meeting.  
    Student Self-Referral 
    Many times, students refer themselves to the counselor.  There are several ways to do this:
    1. Complete counselor referral on Canvas.
    2. Write a note to Ms. Melinda or Ms. Amy and either leave it in the mail folder at one of our offices or give it to their teacher.  
    3. Tell their teacher that they would like to talk with Ms, Melinda or Ms. Amy.  Teachers are great at relaying these requests. 
    4. Tell their parent that they would like to talk with Ms. Melinda or Ms. Amy.  Parents can send a referral at anytime throughout the year. 
    Staff Referral