5th Grade Supply List

  • 2 1-inch, three-ring binders
    2 folders with brads and pockets
    5 spiral notebooks
    2 packages of loose-leaf notebook paper, wide-ruled
    2 packs of 24 #2 pencils with erasers
    1 pack of markers
    1 box of crayons
    1 pack of colored pencils
    1 pair of scissors
    2 packs of 8 glue sticks
    2 packs of 4 highlighters~ 8 total
    2 packs of black expo markers~ 8 total
    2 standard Post-It notes, 3x3
    2 boxes of tissue
    Clorox wipes
    Hand sanitizer
    Personal pencil sharpener with cover
    2 packs of dividers
    Large binder pencil pouch
    Tennis shoes
    Paper towels
    Ziploc bags
    Baby wipes
    Some items will need to be replenished throughout the year.
    FCE Meet Your Teacher night is on Thursday, August 1st from 5:00-6:30p. 

5th Grade Teachers

  • Ms. Gabriela Alexander
    Ms. Jessica Driskell
    Ms. Andrea Towery