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    KNOX County Library


Media Specialist

  • Librarian

    Jenny Kelly

    Media Specialist / OSTR

     Mission Statement
     Knox County School Librarians
    are the friendly faces of
    knowledge acquisition.  
    Our libraries are growing,
    multi-service, dynamic school
    centers that welcome,
    motivate, and inspire everyone
    in our community of users.  
    We invest our time and skills
    in nurturing, promoting, and
    advocating for a learning
    environment that maximizes
    services and equitable access
    to resources. Our library
    programs are essential 
    to a school-wide culture
    of innovation, achievement,
    and collaboration. 
    Knox County School Librarians 
    are forward-thinking leaders 
    who model inquiry, information
    literacy, technologies, and trends
    in reading and instruction.  
    Our professional charge is to
    inform and empower by
    fostering a safe environment
    where users can read, explore,
    question, solve, and create,
    leading to
    Excellence for Every Child.