• Community Resources

    Our community has a rich network of resources to help families in need.  Have a question about how to get help for your family?  Need a referral or more information?  Contact Cathy Bolton, school social worker; Allison Reagan, school counselor; or Lindsay Estep, school counselor.

    Fountain City Ministry Center 
    688-5000 or www.fcministry.org               
    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 2:00pm to 4:00pm

    The ministry center is a cooperative effort of ten Fountain City area churches to provide services such as The Food Pantry, The Clothes Closet, and Spiritual Support. The Food Pantry doors are open to any Knox County resident. Positive identification and personal data are required. Clients are eligible for food once per month. Children’s clothing is available for children 12 years old and younger. Clients are limited to three outfits per child once every 6 months. Underwear and socks are provided when available. Clients are also eligible for coats and shoes every 6 months as available. Located at Central Baptist Church in Fountain City.

    Community Action Committee (CAC)
    North Center: 925-0447   West Center: 637-3376
    Low income energy assistance program (LIHEAP) provides low income families with energy assistance. Project Help, a crisis intervention energy program, and Local Heat Relief are coordinated through this office. 


    Angelic Ministries
    1218 N. Central Street, 523-8884
    Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:00am. First come, first served.
    Clients may receive clothing and hygiene items every 60 days without a referral. Furniture, food, cleaning items, and linens require a referral, which you can get from your school social worker.


    Knoxville Free Food Market
    4625 Mill Branch Lane, 566-1265.
    3rd Saturday of each month