• PTSA  

    September 19 at 6:00pm in the elementary library.


    The Cedar Bluff Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

    serves the 

     Preschool, Elementary and Middle schools on the Cedar Bluff campus. 


    The Cedar Bluff PTSA provides the funding and volunteers for the following:

    Playgrounds & Landscaping

    •   Purchases playground equipment

    •   Purchases picnic tables & benches

    •   Playground mulch and maintenance

    •   Campus landscaping


    Reading Services 

    •   Student book Swaps

    •   Student book carts

    •   Activities to promote literacy



    •   Information on upcoming events

    •   Principals’ news updates

    •   Celebrates student achievements

    •   Board of Education updates


    Programs & Parent Involvement

    •   Informational programs and social activities for students, staff, & parents


    Student Directory

    •   Source for phone numbers & email

    •   Class & grade information

    •   School & staff information


    Gifts to Schools

    •   School gifts for items to enhance learning for our children



    •   Updates on PTSA pages on schools’ websites

    •   Facebook page


    Legislative Issues

    •   Informs PTSA of changes in laws & funding

    •   Maintains communication with county & state elected officials


    Promoting the Arts

    •   PTSA Reflections Art Contest

    •   Safety Poster contest

    •   Citizenship contest


    Student Welfare

    •   Student emergency needs fund


    Charitable Drives

    •   PTSA clothing center drives

    •   Second Harvest peanut butter drive


    School Clinics

    •   Isolated clinic for sick students

    •   Provides Red Cross training

    •   Provides clinic supplies & assistance 


    Health & Safety

    •   Provides car door openers during unloading of students

    •   Improves traffic flow

    •   Provides health & safety related 

    •   informational programs


    And so much more! Join Today!

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