• German Club

  • The purpose of German club is to appreciate German language and culture, to meet other German students in the different levels offered at Bearden High school.  Additionally, the National German Honor Society exists to recognize exemplary German students. 
    What do we do: Meetings are planned by the Chancellor and President with my help.  This year we plan on having a monthly German movie as well as a monthly German immersion breakfast, but during meetings we watch movies, play German board games, have German food parties, play German trivia, or plan out what other things we want to do.  Additionally, there is a German competition in February, Frühlingsfest at Vanderbilt that we attend.  
    Membership fee this year is 20 dollars for a full year (for those who are members both semesters), and 10 dollars for half a year (for those who join later in the year); fee includes a t-shirt. 
    Membership requirements: Students who are interested in German language and culture are free to attend.  They do not need to be current, future, or previous German students to join. 
    Dinner at Linderhof
  • Sponsor: Mrs. Julie Rowe (julie.rowe@knoxschools.org)
Meet in room 324 every Wednesday afternoon from 3:45-4:15pm