• President- Alex Churyuk 

    Manager- Kevin Bridges 

  • Calling all RC Hobbyists! Do you have your own RC Rock Crawler? Well then join the Radio Controlled Rock Crawling club! Have the opportunity to meet with fellow RC Hobbyists and have a good time! This club teaches you about throttle control, how to properly fix your RC Crawler and how to go over obstacles wisely!
    We will meet every Thursday from 4:20pm- 5:20pm located upstairs in room 434. At the end of every month there will be competition held at the same room that will truly test each member's skills.  If you'd like to join it's free! However, In order to compete for a chance to win $10 Amazon Gift Card plus a trophy each member must pay $5.00 which will go towards club needs. You are required to have and bring your own Crawler! **IMPORTANT**  The first meeting for all members will be the first Thursday after Fall Break! Make sure to bring your Crawler as this first meeting day will also be a practice day! 


  • Sponsor Mrs. Groves 

    contact: Rebekah.Groves@knoxschools.org