• STEM Lab--- Forensics Lab

    Posted by JESSICA EVERITT on 3/3/2019 2:00:00 PM

    This past rotation has been a fun one.  Grades K-2 have been working away in the "forensics lab". 

          Kindergarten was given the task of sorting evidence found at a "crime scene".  After some class discussion students were given the task of sorting man-made objects from natural.  They then had to bag the evidence while being sure not to contaminate it.  We had great discussions and an interesting time. 

         First grade students took on the task as forensic scientists of sorting plant evidence into the correct bags after a lab mix-up.  The scientists had to take and us all of the information on the evidence bags to successfully complete the evidence collection.  Students also made a call to the officials to come collect the evidence after the investigation was completed.  They were very diligent and careful as well to not contaminate the evidence.  

         Second grade worked on solving five cases as table groups in our forensics lab.  They had to use their knowledge of animal classification and characteristics to find the correct animal suspects given the evidence left behind.  Students had great conversations regarding animal adaptations and their purposes.  

    Martin's Class      Martin's Class     

    Swaggerty's Class  .  Swaggerty's Class

    Looking forward to another wonderful rotation of learning this upcoming week!  

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  • Science Fair

    Posted by JESSICA EVERITT on 1/24/2019 7:00:00 AM

    We're excited to be hosting the annual Science Fair again!  I am excited about viewing and hearing about each of the projects submitted.  Many of the teachers are working to support the students in class but in an effort to support efforts at home we are also going to be providing some resources through our Encore pages.  Below is a link to some resources I know of as well as a link to the libraries page.  The library has many great research resources that will be very beneficial as you work through your project.


    Engineering Project Ideas- Science Fair Central


    Engineering Ideas- Instructables


    General Science Fair Help- Science Buddies


    Trifold Boards- Amazon Link


    Hardin Valley Library Page- Great research page


    Science Fair process advice from NASA

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  • Winter Break Ideas to Engage Your Curious Kiddo!

    Posted by JESSICA EVERITT on 12/24/2018 1:30:00 PM


       I am a parent myself and as such I know how quick and easy kiddos get bored at home, regardless of how many things there are to actually do!  To help you combat this, I am listing some fun experiements/demonstrations that you could try at home.  I have tried selecting activities that require things that can easily be found around the home and hopefully won't make too much of a mess!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with any of the experiments below, I'd love to hear how they went!  (My email is jessica.everitt@knoxschools.org)

    Have a fun time!  

    Jessica Everitt


    Hot Chocolate Science


    Grinch's Heart Activity


    Candy Cane Experiment


    Lava Lamps


    Building Igloos


    Cartisean Divers


    Soap Souffle


    Elephant Toothpaste

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  • Taste of 3rd Grade STEM

    Posted by JESSICA EVERITT on 10/29/2018


         I am working to report more about the STEM happenings around the school in addition to inside the STEM room.  Many of our teachers are doing amazing activities that engage the students in their science learning.  One such teacher is Ms. Wall in third grade.  She works hard to make science meaningful and purposeful for the students.  Below is her write-up of her most recent STEM project.


    "This is our STEM activity we did after studying how and why some animal species work and live together in groups verses those who survive alone. We read about ant and termite colonies just before this task. Some worked alone and some worked in groups. They had to construct a straight line of 20 popsicle sticks with no curves or breaks within 1 minute. It's much more difficult than it looks, and we had interesting results. We found that human third graders work better alone for a quick task like this. They discussed how some animals, like sharks and snakes, leave their mothers immediately after birth, but it takes humans 18 to become, what society says, is adult. They said they are still learning to work together, and they all want to be the "alpha male" of their groups right now, so that's why the groups weren't as successful as the individuals. It was not what we predicted, and it was an interesting discussion afterward!!"  -Ms. Wall

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  • Current STEM Tools and Materials Being Used

    Posted by JESSICA EVERITT on 10/15/2018 9:20:00 PM

    Many students have requested a materials/tools list.  Below is the current list I have going.  As more tools and materials are utilized I will try to get them added as soon as possible.  

    STEM List

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  • STEM Night - November 29th

    Posted by JESSICA EVERITT on 10/15/2018


         We have an exciting event coming up!  Thursday, November 29th from 5-7pm we will be hosting a STEM Night!  So far the list of presenters range from planetary scientists, optics specialists, and GIS experts.  There are 20 presenters lined up along with various hands-on experiences for the evening.  We hope that you and your family will join us for this fun and exciting evening!  


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  • Welcome!

    Posted by JESSICA EVERITT on 9/14/2018

         Welcome to the HVES STEM page!  We are excited at Hardin Valley to take on this new endeavor and engage our students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts.  The students will be digging deep and learning about various science and engineering careers within each STEM lesson and rotation. 

          If you are ever curious about what is happening in STEM for your student, there is a grade-level menu posted outside of the STEM room each rotation.  It will also be posted on this homepage for you to be able to discuss with your student if you would like.

          Our goal is to increase student engagement, vocabulary, and background in the sciences by providing meaningful experiences for our students.  For this to really take root, we would love to have community support.  If you are in an engineering or science field and willing to share with the students please contact Mrs. Everitt at jessica.everitt@knoxschools.org.   Volunteers are also always appreciated, especially with the younger grades!  

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