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    Welcome Back Sunnyview Families
    I hope everyone has had a restful and fun summer and are ready for a fun filled year of learning and growing at Sunnyview. I am excited that this year Sunnyview will be participating in the House system, each teacher and student will belong to one of six houses based on the six pillars of character; Caring (RED), Trustworthiness (BLUE), Respect (YELLOW/GOLD), Responsibility (GREEN), Fairness (ORANGE), and Citizenship (PURPLE). Students at Sunnyview know our motto: "Right choices make a better me " and I always tell my students "a better me makes a better world." We are learning that we are effected and that we effect others with the behaviors/attitudes we display daily. Please encourage your student to take part in all the extra fun things planned. When students show good character such as helping others, being respectful, or responsibile they are able to earn points for their house. Students then are able to earn house rewards and these can vary throughout the year and may include but not limited to extra recess, house dance party, PBIS store, extra privilages such as winning house gets a hat day or pajama day, etc. 
    As part of the school counseling program I will continue to provide academic, career, and personal/social activities and lessons throughout the year via guidance lessons, small groups, and individual counseling. Also the school counseling program will include fun things your child may or may not want to participate in such as Unity Day (Oct 24), Kindness Week (Jan. 28, 2019-Feb 1, 2019), and house days (where students wear house colors etc.). If you are interested in helping with any of these please feel free to email me at patricia.lutumayes@knoxschools.org. please be aware that I will be at three schools this year. I will be at Chilhowee on Monday mornings, Tuesday ALL day, and Thursday afternoon. I am at Sunnyview Primary on Monday afternoons, Thursday mornings, and ALL day Fridays. I will be at Northshore Elementary on Wednesdays. Email is always the best way to reach me. 
    As we grow and learn throughout the year, please encourage students to show interest and effort in all areas. I am sure they will have an opportunity for one or more of our incentives. We want to continue our "KINDNESS Matters!" campaign and support and encourage our students to be tolerant of differences, express kindness and respect to all, and always help others in our school and community anyway we can everyday. It's the small things that add up to make our students feel successful, loved, appreciated, and part of our school and community. Remember small things add up to big successes for our students! Remember, keep working towards your goals and "Never let it rest, til the good is better, and the better is best!"
    Rememeber if you ever have a question or concern please feel free to call 865-594-1173 or  email at patricia.lutumayes@knoxschools.org
    Character Counts! 
    Keep a look out for more news and updates from your school counselor!  
  • Patricia Lutu-Mayes 

      -"Ms. Patricia"     
    School Counselor 
    Sunnyview Primary School
    412 Bagwell Rd.  
    Knoxville, TN. 37924
    (865) 594-1173 Main Office
    Sunnyview Primary
           - Monday afternoons, Thursday Mornings, and Friday ALL Day 
    Chilhowee intermediate
           - Monday mornings,Tuesday ALL Day, Thursday afternoons. 
    Northshore Elementary
            - Wedsnesdays