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    KINDNESS WEEK Feb 12-16, 2018
    Spirit day schedule for Kindness Week
     I am excited about Kindness Week and hope that our students are too! Above you can see our week schedule for spirit days for kindness week and our checklist of kindness week challenges. Each student is asked to try and complete as many acts of kindness from the check list that they can either at home or at school. At the end of the week or on next Monday, I ask that they return their completed checklist with with their name and teachers name on it and give it to their teacher to be put in my box. I will have a drawing for prizes next Thursday Feb. 22nd. Even though we are more focused on kindness this week, our students are encourage to think of and to do acts of kindness everyday. I encourage you to talk with your student about how they can do this, be sure to discuss that these are simple things and do not cost anything. A smile or a hello can be seen as an act of kindness especially for those who may not have a lot of friends. Remember Kindness matters! 
    Current guidance classes: 
    Currently guidance classes are learning about courage. We will begin a new lesson on Healthy Touch, Good Boundaries, Safe Kids (2 grade) and Good Touch, Bad Touch, Wrong Touch and NO/GO/TELL a strategy to keep our bodies safe (K & 1). I will be sending a letter home with students after they have had the lesson and would like to encourage you to have a discussion with your child about he or she learned. 
    rememeber if you ever have a question or concern please feel free to call 865-594-1173 or  email at patricia.lutumayes@knoxschools.org
    Keep in mind I am only at Sunnyview on Weds. and Fri. 
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